Wednesday, January 2, 2013


(Reflection from Exodus - about Moses)

Pharoah’s daughter saw something in the river and called, “Bring that to me.”
God moved her heart to love the baby, and Moses the fugitive became the prince of Egypt.

And the prince grew up and declared, by faith, “I am Moses the Hebrew, I will save my people.”
His heart was right and ready, but he lacked backing or call or plan.

One day, someone challenged him, “What? You a murderer telling us what to do?”
So the favored one became a fugitive again; his heart was numb for 40 years.

Until he saw the flaming bush and said, “I must go look.”
And he found God’s burning heart for His people.

“Lead my people out of Egypt,” God instructed. “I will remove all hindrances.”
But Moses kept one barrier hidden within himself – double-locked and deep in his unmoved heart.

“I can’t, I won’t,” pleaded Moses. “I don’t even know what to say.
He had all of God's backing and call and plan, but his heart was missing.

When Pharaoh hardened his heart and commanded, “Increase the people’s burden!” Moses cried out, “Lord, deliver your people!”
Finally, his heart came back to life, it beat for his own again!

And so the stage was set, the man was free
From hollowness to heart –
To confront a stiff-necked king and care for an ungrateful people;
Halt the plagues, part the Sea,
Represent God before man, intercede for man before God.

Today, more than calling, charisma, candor, and courage,
God searches for men and women with heart;
Heart that says “I will not give up,” “I will beat for you,”
“I will pray,” “I will love,”
“I will care,”
“I will set them free.”

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