Thursday, January 10, 2013


Moses started with a HEART
But he had no HEAD and HAND.
To save his people, he killed an Egyptian,
And buried him in the sand (Ex 2:12).

He hid in the sand of Midian – for 40 years (2:15-23),
Until God ordered, "Come here!"
"I have a plan, my people are suffering!"
“Send someone else,“ he said, "my HEART is missing." (4:23) 
So God worked on his HEART.
He let him see
The hardheartedness of Pharaoh,
And the people's grief.

"Deliver them, please," cried Moses (5:21).
"Help, I can't bear it!"
Now his HEART was beating,
His HEART was free.

But Moses had no HAND.
“I can’t even talk,” he said (4:10).
But God wouldn't give up,
He worked on him again.

First He gave him a side-kick– Aaron,
Who challenged Pharaoh right down to plague #5 (5:1-8:17);
Then He let Moses grow -
One small step at a time.

By plague #2, he prayed for the calamity to stop (8:12),
And he would be an intercessor all his life;
By plague #6, he took over from Aaron (9:8)
And finished the job in grace and stride.
No HEAD – ask God to speak;
No HEART – He can make it beat again.
No HAND – be humble, submit, let Him train you,
But you must come out of the sand.


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