Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just do it - impossible is nothing.

When God called him to lead the charge in letting my people go, Moses, the one who claimed to “have never been eloquent”, spoke a lot (Ex 3:11- 4:20). Here's how it went:

Moses: “Gee, I’m really honored that you chose me. But here’s the thing: I’m a nobody!” (3:11)
God: I already know that. But here’s the thing: it's a non-issue to me. It’s not who you are but who sends you that’s important. (3:12)

M: “That's nice. But my point is I don’t even know you that well. Don’t you think I need to grow in my Bible more first?” (3:13)
G: My point is: I Am who I Am. And that’s more than enough for you. (3:14-15)

M: “Alright, I got to be honest with you. I'm really not a very smart guy. I don’t even know what to say to them.” (3:13)
G: First you go to the sons of Israel and tell them . . . .
Then you go to the elders and say this, . . . .
Next you and the elders go to Pharaoh. Mind you, he will not let you go at first, but I will strike Egypt with signs.
Then you go to the Egyptians and they will give you all that you need.
Specific and clear enough? (3:14-22)

M: “Wait a minute . . . you’re going so fast! I’m still stuck at what if people won’t believe or listen to me!" (4:1-2)
G: They will believe and listen after they see the signs you will do through me. (4:2-9)

M: “O-k . . . , but, but . . . please Lord, I'm just a simple bloke. I'm not eloquent, I don't have a way with words – not now, not before, not after you met me.” (4:10)
G: That's not important either. Tell me this: who made mouths and ears? Who invented words? Surely I will teach you what to say. (4:11, 12)

M: [Sigh] “Sorry, . . . I still think it’s easier if you sent someone else. No offence.” (4:13)
G: Now I am offended! It’s easier if you stopped giving clever excuses. But just to humor you, I will send Aaron as well, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to lead the charge. I have already chosen you. (4: 14-16)

When God chooses us to do anything, we’d better not make excuses.
I don’t know, I don’t have, I can’t talk, I'm not sure, he’s better, she’s done it before – won't cut it for Him.
When God chooses us, He will also give us the power, guidance, words, resources, and success that we need.
When God chooses us, simply obey. Don’t waste time coming up with one more reason why He needs to send someone else.

Just do it.
Nothing is impossible with God.
Impossible is nothing to Him.

Friday, December 28, 2012

How did Moses grow up?

Studying Exodus this season and looking at the preparation of Moses, the Prince of Egypt, to become Moses, the Leader of the Exodus, from Exodus 2:

Moses had heart. He did his level best to deliver his people from bondage.
But he must learn that activism without God’s anointing is, at best, hot air and fury (2:11,12).

Moses had clout. He grew up in the comfort of the palace.
But he must learn that worldly credentials without God’s call are only cushy cover-ups (2:14).

Moses had favour. But he must become forgotten in Midian before God would make the people follow him out of Egypt.
For he must learn that God uses:
Our meekness, not mastery, to confront kings;
Patience, not power, to move the multitude;
Submission, not sheer strength and bravado, to part the Red Sea;
Our towel, not our title, to lead.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Magi Were a Stubborn Lot

Reflections from Mat 2:1-13

The magi were a stubborn lot.
They pursued, searched, asked, wouldn't give up
To find the Star.
Herod, too, was stubborn.
He pursued, searched, asked, wouldn't give up
To be the star.

The magi were a stubborn lot.
They didn’t know where the King would be,
But they never stopped looking for Jesus.
The leaders were a stubborn lot.
They knew from the Bible He'd be in Bethlehem (v5, 6), they went to Sunday school;
But they never went to Jesus.

That first Christmas, the magi found the Child (v11).
He wasn't what or who they'd expected,
But He gave them “exceedingly great joy” (v10).
Their long search came to a close,
They could finally unload their treasures,
They could finally go home (v12).

This Christmas, be a stubborn lot.
Forget about being the star - look for the Star above you.
Go to Him, move it, walk, run.
Be filled with exceedingly great joy,
Come home.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Reflections from I Cor 13:

I can preach (and sing and teach and lead worship over the pulpit) with eloquence, and yet not love my audience.

I can speak into people’s lives and not see their struggles, cast vision for my members and not care about their going-ons, evangelize and not engage, convert and not connect.

I may have such faith that I move mountains - but not touch my own hardened heart.

I may be so sacrificial that I spare nothing – not any of my possessions, not even my physical comfort – and don’t bother to remember the names of my receivers or hold their hands or look into their eyes.

If I do what I do because it’s what I do best;
it’s what is right to do and expected of me;
it’s what gives meaning and power to my miserable existence,

 “it profits me nothing” (I Cor 13:3).

Thursday, December 13, 2012


He turns ashes into beauty,
Slaves into princes,
Darkness into light,
Waste into treasure.

But He wants all or nothing,
Hot or cold,
Surrender or self,
Lose or find.

Either I wash your feet
Or you have no part in Me;
Give up everything
Or not follow Me at all.

For the exalted One dwells on a high and holy place,
As well as with the contrite and lowly in spirit (Isa 57:15).
He does not faint or become tired (Isa 40:28),
But He is wearied with our lukewarm sacrifices (Mal 1:6-14).

Offer Me a grain offering pure, unmixed, undivided,
Or you uselessly kindle fire on my altar (Mal 1:10)!
Love Me with all your heart and all your soul (Deut 11:13),
Or you don’t love Me at all.

love the ocean - God made it for Himself

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In the Old Testament in the Bible, there was a man named Jacob who "wrestled with God and man." He wouldn't let God go until God answered his prayers. God admired that and renamed him Israel, "the one who fought or wrestled and prevailed". He fought with man--his inner man--and conquered his own weaknesses. He's my hero. He is what I hope God and man see me to be.