Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am not afraid

I must not be afraid of the lows and downs of my life.
For without giants, there are no heroes.
Without challenges, there are no challengers.
No Goliath, no David's one-stone win.
No Midanites, no Gideon and his 300 men.

In my life, I have met many moments of trials and traps.
But God turns them into tools to train me, and build my trust and tenacity.
I have faced my share of Pharaohs and Pharisees.
But God uses them to push me to my knees. And to pursue authenticity and pay attention to Him.

Yes, I must not be afraid of the lows and downs of my life.
Though I feel weak now, I shall be strong.
I see obstacles, but by His power I will overcome.
No giants, no heroes.
No challenges, no challengers.

love the ocean - God made it for Himself

About Me

In the Old Testament in the Bible, there was a man named Jacob who "wrestled with God and man." He wouldn't let God go until God answered his prayers. God admired that and renamed him Israel, "the one who fought or wrestled and prevailed". He fought with man--his inner man--and conquered his own weaknesses. He's my hero. He is what I hope God and man see me to be.