Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Reflections on I Kings 15:8-22, 2 Chron 16:7-14
The life of King Asa never fails to puzzle me. How did the king who reformed become the one who rebelled, I wondered many times:

King Asa, young and fearful, “did what was right” –
Reforms, revivals, removal of idolatrous sites.
For 38 years, he ruled in peace;
His only war cry, “Lord, help me please!”

Then Baasha attacked on the 39th year,
And Asa befriended Aram out of fear;
“I’m not a child, stop saying God is displeased!”
“I’ll send you to jail!” he shouted at Hanani.

So God struck him with a disease, he became sick in his feet;
He saw every doctor but refused to submit
To the God of his youth, who fought all his battles;
He’d rather die than bow before the Healer.

Why, tell me, why did Asa end so wrong?
Did he have more to lose when he became strong?
Did he stop being a child because he grew old?
Did he forget to be fearful when he became bold?

Be not afraid when you don’t have much –
God delivers, God heals, He’s Someone you can trust.
Tremble and guard your heart, you know when the troubles start;
When you turn to your own knowledge and gifts – when you think you're too smart.

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