Thursday, January 24, 2013


Moses, born to die, was saved “out of the water” (Ex 2:10).
He fought the Egyptians, and got kicked out of the palace (2:15).
God met him and said, “I AM holy, take out your sandals” (3:5).
“Get my people out of Egypt, I will get you out of trouble.”

But Moses had more serious getting outs to face:
Fear, self-doubt, "I'm not ready", "No way";
Yet, as God had promised - nothing went to waste -
They got out of Egypt, through ten challenges, ten plagues.

The book of Exodus is about getting out –
Of bondage, fear, low self-esteem and doubt.
From death to life, from trapped to free
From reluctance to "Here am I", from “You're kidding!” to “I can see.”

What do you need to get out of today
To live God's plan for you, and claim His promise?
Your fluffy dreams? Your huge sand-castles?
Your defense? Your excuse? Your corner? Your office?

God’s power is often shown in the Sea, the wilderness,
Where "I AM Who I AM" is our only confidence;
Want to live your life? Then stop saying, “Not now.”
Obey. Have faith. Get ready for miracles. Get out.

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love the ocean - God made it for Himself

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