Monday, April 1, 2013

whatever your might be and might have

Monday March 29, 2013

Might only be a name
In the span of human history –
But all just the same
Each left a legacy.
Might have entered the race,
Not equal in opportunity,
But all just the same,
Each became a memory.

Might come last like David,
Might come first like Esau.
Like Ruth, might find love in a hostile land,
Or like Tamar, not find love at all.
Might have been Moses, whose place was the palace,
Might have been Elijah, groomed in the wild,
Like Jeconiah, the king, born again in prison,
Or Daniel, the prophet, who won in exile.

For they dared to dream, they all woke up,
They chose, they fought, they loved, they listened,
Saw their time and chance when time and chance came,
Said, “Yes,” said, “No,” made the right decisions.
So these don’t decide your legacy or memory –
Might be ups, downs, shame or smarts;
All just the same, you write the conclusion
With faith, courage, following after God’s heart.

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