Friday, April 26, 2013


REFLECTION ON I Chron 21, when David displeased God by counting his people.

What is wrong with David numbering His people? Wasn’t he just organizing, keeping his accounts? But it displeased God. First there’s the motive: in counting his strength, he was saying, “Look at me. I did it.” And there’s the pride. You see, David’s success did not come from his strength, it came from his submission to God. David’s secret to winning was not in fighting well, but fully trusting in God. His worth was not in his power, possession or people; but in the provision and protection of God.

I wonder, I wonder, what we are counting today?
Grades? Height? Votes? Facebook friends? Take home pay?
Is our worth measured by the district number of our home?
Or the size of our car, TV, hi-fi, garden, stocks we own?

But in counting we compare and compete – O what a curse!
Keeps us moving - homes, jobs, continents – even worse;
We pass the curse on and say: “Son, you need more tuition!”
Drain our kids’ childhood dry – with what we call enrichment.

We count calories and forget how to enjoy a meal,
Analyse food content to death – and every conversation kill;
Rush around to stop time when we learn to count wrinkles,
Lay still to count sheep, and forever lost that sparkle.

Lose friends and lovers, keeping account of their shortcomings –
While counting what we don’t and can’t have, we miss Jesus’ teaching –
“Seek first God’s kingdom,” He says, “let tomorrow be.”
“I number the hair on your head, don’t forget, you can lean on Me.”

Today count – only your blessings – look who’s in your life?
Stop and smell the flowers, they won’t stay, be wise.
One more thing, number your days, remember how you began,
He’s already taken care of you this far, He’ll do it again, and again.

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