Thursday, April 25, 2013


The ark represents the presence of God. But by I Samuel 4, it became a "secret" to success. So the Philistines stole it. But it gave them nothing but trouble so they returned it, and it remained in the home of Abinadad, a Levite, for 20 years. In I Chron 13, David decided to take it back to Jerusalem and here's the story:

When David was crowned, he said,
“I can’t bear the sight -
“Of the Ark being away for 20 years,
"We must set things right!”

“Bring it home, it belongs here!”
He told his captains and leaders,
The thing looked so right
In the eyes of the people (v 4).

The king spared no expenses,
Even designed a new cart,
Never mind that God had said,
“Only Levites carry the Ark.” (I Chron 15:13)

So it failed, someone died,
And three sober months later,
David did it again, but in God’s old-fashioned way,
And gained His complete approval.

Do you aim to do God’s will
But say, “Let’s be practical, get a cart”?
The cart of worldly wise and convenience,
Of trends, compromise, short-cuts?

God doesn't accept our “rights” without righteousness –
This you must know;
Without His blessings, our great and noble
Are but fuss, frustration, at best a big show.

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