Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Magi Were a Stubborn Lot

Reflections from Mat 2:1-13

The magi were a stubborn lot.
They pursued, searched, asked, wouldn't give up
To find the Star.
Herod, too, was stubborn.
He pursued, searched, asked, wouldn't give up
To be the star.

The magi were a stubborn lot.
They didn’t know where the King would be,
But they never stopped looking for Jesus.
The leaders were a stubborn lot.
They knew from the Bible He'd be in Bethlehem (v5, 6), they went to Sunday school;
But they never went to Jesus.

That first Christmas, the magi found the Child (v11).
He wasn't what or who they'd expected,
But He gave them “exceedingly great joy” (v10).
Their long search came to a close,
They could finally unload their treasures,
They could finally go home (v12).

This Christmas, be a stubborn lot.
Forget about being the star - look for the Star above you.
Go to Him, move it, walk, run.
Be filled with exceedingly great joy,
Come home.

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