Friday, December 28, 2012

How did Moses grow up?

Studying Exodus this season and looking at the preparation of Moses, the Prince of Egypt, to become Moses, the Leader of the Exodus, from Exodus 2:

Moses had heart. He did his level best to deliver his people from bondage.
But he must learn that activism without God’s anointing is, at best, hot air and fury (2:11,12).

Moses had clout. He grew up in the comfort of the palace.
But he must learn that worldly credentials without God’s call are only cushy cover-ups (2:14).

Moses had favour. But he must become forgotten in Midian before God would make the people follow him out of Egypt.
For he must learn that God uses:
Our meekness, not mastery, to confront kings;
Patience, not power, to move the multitude;
Submission, not sheer strength and bravado, to part the Red Sea;
Our towel, not our title, to lead.

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