Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reflection from Mark 1:32-38

Yesterday a young campus staff told me, “I turned off technology for one day - as you suggested in the talk on 'Margin'; but when I switched them on again, I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of messages in my inboxes!”
I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. But this morning as I prayed, the Lord gave me an answer from Mark 1:32-38.
Here Jesus faced the same problem as the young campus staff. It was recorded that He hid away to spend time with the Father. And what did He find when He came back?
The multitudes . . . . jamming his inboxes.

“Many things” came cramming at the door -  
But where on earth was Jesus?
O He sneaked out "while it was still dark"
To spend time alone with the Father.
“Many ’many things’ are here!” Peter cried.
“Quick! Give them some attention!”
But surprise, surprise, Jesus replied,
"Let's go - and do only the important.”

Life, I discover, has many “many things” that
We're not made to rescue all or handle -
But we can and must  – dare I even say it -
Switch off that phone, unplug that computer.
And be still and learn from the Only One who knows
What are the few that are necessary,
And not be ruffled, worried, guilt-ridden, directed
By the very many “many.”

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