Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Go Sister Go!
Reflections From Luke 10:38-42, Mark 14:3-9
This morning I thought about a woman who, against traditions and fears and disapproval of people around, spent all her money on perfume to anoint Jesus.


She could have said:

I’m a woman – 
What can I do?
Not even invited;
They’ll say I’m rude,
Will they stare and talk?
Or think that I’m showy?
Should I give the money to the poor
And make everyone happy?

But she said:

I’m a woman –
But more than that,
Jesus saved me,
He freed me of all debts.
If I miss my time and chance
To do what I can today -
Tomorrow I may not have the courage
To love God this way.

She could have been:

Another fan, another follower,
Just like you and me;
Another who warmed the pews
Same place, same time, each week.
Another, perhaps, who served
Out of surplus energy and time,
Met everyone's expectations,
And never went out of line.

But she was:

Mary, who long ago decided
To love the “only one thing” that’s necessary;
Mary, who didn’t allow the “many things”
To cause her to fuss and worry.
Mary, who when she broke the vial,
Shattered all those nice men’s hearts;
Mary, who didn’t care that she was a woman
When she chose the good part.

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