Sunday, November 11, 2012


Religion gives us unending work and distractions.
God’s gift is rest from useless work and focus on His love for us,

Religion says, “You are what you do so take on one more job, plan one more program, wear one more hat.”
God wants us to be formed only by His perfect love for us, in us, and through us.

Religion uses cultural norms and man-made standards to trap us and hold us back from exercising our spiritual gifts.
God wants us to use our spiritual gifts to set people free from cultural norms and man-made standards.

Religion guarantees only exhaustion and guilt: “You’re doing too much, what are you trying to prove?” “You’re not doing enough, why are you resting?”
Relationship with God guarantees eternal life and grace: live, not labor; be, not do; major in “trust”, not in “tiredness.”

Religion keeps us occupied with doing what is expected, mediocre and enough.
Love for God pushes us to be open to the unexpected, miraculous and extraordinary.

Religion can make us look impressive and strong – “See how much she is doing!”
When you love God, be prepared to look irresponsible and strange -“Why is the perfume not sold to help the poor?”

Religion leaves us feeling judged and resentful (“Lord, she has left me to do all the serving!”).
A living, loving relationship with God sets us free us from judgment.
And frees us from religion.

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