Sunday, November 11, 2012

eternal life is someone you follow

Reflections from Mat 19: 16-22, Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler (RYR):

The RYR had been there, done that; but his life was not complete.
He knew all the rules, had every responsibility, and practically ran the ministry.
Be he had no rest. He didn’t live the life.

Jesus told the RYR: “You don’t need one more ‘to do’,'‘to impress'."
“I am all the stripes and badges you ever need.”
“Just let go of things. And follow Me.”

The RYR protested. “But, but . . . , I don’t mind ‘to dos’, ‘to impress’. It’s what I think about all night and wake up every day for!”
“In fact, I don’t know who I am without them! I don’t know what to do without doing . . . .”

“But here’s the thing,” Jesus replied, “You got to stop.”
“You got to stop clinging on to what is not bread.
"You got to decide to not be defined by what you do."

“You see, eternal life is not something you get.”
“Eternal life is Someone you follow.
"Eternal Life is Someone you love.
"Live in."

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