Friday, March 22, 2013


A reflection on Ahaz the 12th king of Judah (2 Kings 16, 2 Chron 28).

For Ahaz, king no. 12, “winning” was his goal in life;
His one big solid strategy: “Sacrifice!”“Sacrifice!”“Sacrifice!”
His faith, his values, his call, even his own sons (2 Kgs 16:3);
"Just get me to the top!" he cried. "Let me be number one!"

“I want God’s blessings!” he claimed. But he sought Assyria for strength,
Sure, he worshipped at the temple, but his fear was man.
Even when friends turned against him, he refused to submit,
So God humbled and disciplined Ahaz, and he made his exit.

What’s your daily offering at the altar of the high places –
Your sons? Your daughters? Your vows? Your childhood promises?
To get that "job satisfaction", what are you letting go?
What sacrifices are you making just to reach your goal?

What do you hold on to tightly? What’s your hand?
What gets you out of bed so early? Love for God, really? Or fear of man?
Why do you say, “I have no choice, to succeed this is the rule?”
When humility is the only sacrifice God asks of you?

So here’s a little test, be honest in your answers:
When was the last time you said, “Later” “Later” “Later” and “Later”?
Later, I will slow down but now is my chance;
Later, I will eat with them; later I shall dance.

Later, we’ll go on that holiday; later, I’ll stop and read;
Later, I’ll take a walk; later, I’ll plant that seed.
Later, I’ll build my house; later, I’ll make amends.
Later, I’ll switch off that phone; but now, I’ve messages to send.

But those we put aside for “later” are also on a journey –
They have dreams they must catch, they cannot tarry;
They grow up, they grow old, they’ll stop asking, “Why?”
And when your “later” finally comes, time and chance have passed you by.

Love God first, follow His rules, let Him build your castle –
He holds every key in His Hand, fear Him – your Lord and Master.
Don’t offer sacrifices that you are sure to regret,
Remember: your humility is the only sacrifice God will bless.

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