Friday, March 15, 2013

Talk To The Clay - reflections from the visit to the pottery

O clay O clay you’re not at all pretty,
But in the master’s eyes you’re a thing of great beauty.
Once you were nothing, actually, a lump.
But now in his hands, your life has begun.

O clay, O clay, let me give you a few tips -
On how to survive and find your perfect fit.
First, don’t be shocked when you’re thrown on the wheel -
Your world will spin, but don’t panic, keep still.

The trick is to stay soft when you’re squeezed and pressed,
And when he pours water on you, be grateful, don’t get stressed.
Nah, you won’t drown, he knows what he’s doing –
No need to scream and shout and, for goodness' sake, stop moving!

Stop saying, “Why O why does it take so long?”
“I want to be in control”, “I need to be strong!”
Let the one who sees from high above
Mold, shape, pedal, bend, do his work of love.

For now, O clay, life may not feel at all fun
But the master's gentle hands won’t leave you till you're done.
So shut up, sit pretty, submit to his ways -
He is the potter, you are the clay.

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