Sunday, December 15, 2013

With the Christmas rush for year-end feasting and gift-buying, here's a thought on "things" from Eccl 5.


Do not love “things.” 
“Things” won’t satisfy us. 
They only make us want more (Eccl 5:10).

Do not think, “If I have more things, my problems will be solved.”
“Things” don’t give world peace (Eccl 5:11).
“Things”, in fact, rob us of rest (Eccl 5:12).

Do not place security in “things.” 
Things don’t belong to us; 
They rot, get stolen, they must be left behind - every bit of it - when we die (Eccl 5:15).

Success in life is not in the gathering of enough “things.” 
It will never be enough.
Success is in gathering enough wisdom to be satisfied with the much or little we have (Eccl 5:18).

Reward in life is not measured by how many “things” we possess.
We will never possess "things"; they possess us.
Reward is in possessing the time, freedom and health to rejoice in the fruit of our labor with the many or few we love (Eccl 5:19-6:1).

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