Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Twelve had a great campaign of preaching. healing, and signs and wonders. Then immediately, they failed their next challenge: the feeding of the 5,000 [Mark 6:34-52].  Here's a reflection:

So when Jesus said, “What shall we do?
"Can you see the people are hungry?”
The disciples immediately responded
With their calculator, they were ready:

“Ahem, postpone the project, Lord,"
"Please  -  send them away.”
“Cut our losses, we humbly advise - "
"O, we're just helping you save face.”

Ah, it’s not about what we have, is it?
But obeying all God says.
Not “delegation” but “dependence”;
Not “let’s be practical” - but “let’s pray.”

To do well in ministry, use "the towel" -
Your "titles" are good only in your offices;
Forget show-and-tell, bend down, pray,
Surrender, serve, share your five loaves and two fishes.

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