Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rebekah schemed to cheat her husband and first son, Esau. She won the game but lost her second son, Jacob, forever (she never saw him again after he left).
Jacob lied through his teeth to his own old man, Isaac. He was lied to [and suffered for 20 years] by another old man, Laban.
The deceiver masqueraded as the first-born to steal from his older brother. He was tricked into marrying another first-born who masqueraded as her younger sister.
Leah went along with Dad to rip-off the “first wife” position. She would learn for the rest of her life that one cannot steal love, nor have first place in a heart that belongs to another.

We reap what we sow.
By the mercy of God, we may be forgiven, we may get the chance to start over.
We may even grow through our mistakes.
But we will face some consequences.

Don't try to cheat with numbers.
It usually doesn't add up.

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