Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what eve didn't know

She should not have answered the serpent.
Should have ignored, turned off the phone, not be alone, go help her husband take care of other trees.

She should not have exaggerated God’s severity and downplayed God’s warning.
"You shall not eat or touch it.” When God said, “You shall not eat.”
“Or you will die.” When God said, “You will surely die.”

She did not need  ONE MORE.
One more tree. One more choice.
She already had everything women for all ages to come would ask for.

She should not have taken the serpent’s advice.
Yes, true to his word, her eyes were “opened.”
But the first thing she saw was her “nakedness” and shame.
True to his word, she knew good and evil.
But mostly that God had been good, and the serpent was really evil.
She opened her package and found that it was nothing she saw on the screen.
Cheap imitation. Fake. And labelled:
“No exchange” policy.

Don't bother talking with the serpent.
He will smooth talk you into forfeiting everything you have and will have
By making you think about the one thing you can’t have.
Don’t fall for his free “trial.”  Nothing’s free.
Someone has to pay for it
Somehow, somewhere, sometime.
Don’t take his rides.
They make your heart pump.
But you are not really touching the sky.
Don’t let his photoshop and smart editing fool you.
You're not his match.
When he attacks, he makes you feel thankful.
He makes you think it's "fate."
Remember: it is never “just coffee.”
There is no “just this once.”

Play it safe.
Not sure “Has God said?” Ask. God.
Are you getting all you deserve?” Of. Course. Not.
Look at the Cross.
Look at His hands and side.

Walk with your Savior.
Don’t hide in the bushes.
Get busy and live your life.
Stop chit chatting with the Serpent.

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