Monday, February 13, 2012

Thoughts on my birthday

Miscarriages: two.
Serious cried-myself-to-sleep-heartbreaks I could remember: four.
Close encounter with cancer (and healed by the grace of God): once.
Age started full-time ministry: 21.
Countries visited for ministry: around 50.
Countries lived in overseas (and had a baby): three.
Distracted, discouraged, sinned, repented, forgiven: countless.
People who prayed for me: more than I know.
God's bountiful grace and blessings - past, present and future: above and beyond what I could fathom, imagine or dream of.
Loved by one faithful man: almost 40 years.
Blessed by one beautiful daughter: 25 years.
Entertained by two interesting cats: 16 years.
What a life!
Thank you Jesus.

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In the Old Testament in the Bible, there was a man named Jacob who "wrestled with God and man." He wouldn't let God go until God answered his prayers. God admired that and renamed him Israel, "the one who fought or wrestled and prevailed". He fought with man--his inner man--and conquered his own weaknesses. He's my hero. He is what I hope God and man see me to be.