Monday, June 29, 2009


I'd been busy. But over good things.

Went to Mongolia on a ministry trip for two weeks in May.
Had the best time. Also because this time round Roland - and a colleague Jeremy who's a gentle soul - were with me.

Then we came home for a wonderful reunion with our long-suffering daughter who singlehandedly took care of the plants, fish and cats while we were gone.
The good news is none died.
And she missed us.

That was followed by a flurry of activities.
Went for a short trip to Bintan for beach, snorkling, and swimming.
Then I spoke at a youth camp.
In between (I know this sounds confusing), went to Malacca with my family.
It was a great treat getting to know my niece and nephews, and tall and handsome Brandon (mum's grandson no 1) who flew in from Vancouver.

Breaking from the routine.
Always good for the body (especially the getting out of Singapore) , refreshes the vision (teaching the Mongols was faith-stretching and rewarding), and warms the heart (the 24 kids who stood up for commitment at the youth camp encouraged my soul).

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