Sunday, February 17, 2008


I'M READING a book on biblical leadership by Timothy Laniak.
Entitled While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks, the book is a gem for people in ministry.

Basically the author talks about what shepherds should be, drawn from observations while living in Israel.
The first thing that strikes me is the work of the shepherd is never done!
Besides making sure his flock is well--free of disease, danger and mischief--one of his most challenging roles is to feed the sheep. All the time.
I mean these creatures eat - and drink - all day long.
The very young ones need soft and new grass. The older ones something more mature and solid.
And the shepherd needs to find safe clean water for his sheep.
And when they have grazed enough in one place, he moves them to another for the same thing, the same routine.
Grass. Water. Grass. All year long.

Shepherding is back-breaking work.
There is nothing glamorous or easy or painless about the job.
And the sheep doesn't say, "Thank you."
And sheep business doesn't pay either--not enough for that kind of labor.
You got to love the job--and the sheep, the author adds.

I asked myself many questions as I read the book:
Do I love my sheep?
Do I have passion for what I do?
Am I shepherding or am I just organizing or lording over the flock?
Am I feeding my sheep all the time?
And with the right food, making sure God's Word is simple, palatable, and delicious enough for them?

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