Tuesday, January 9, 2007

“Am I My Children’s Keeper?”

First there was the story about the couple who interrupted their brain-damaged child’s growth.
The reason: so she’d be more manageable (‘Pillow Angel’, TIME 2006).
Then the video clip, on CNN.com, of a 17-year-old in South Africa who has been forced to fend for five hungry kids.
The reason: her parents had died of AIDS.

There’s been much talk lately on what’s right and wrong with decisions made by parents.
It may be good to put arguments of ‘ethics’ aside and ask ourselves one simple question: what is our role as parents?
Are we not our children’s protectors, dream-keepers, dream-makers?
Are they not entrusted to us by our Maker as a stewardship—to be loved, and nurtured?
My daughter volunteered for a Royal Family Kids' Camps for abused children last Christmas.

First day, the organizers told her:
“These kids have bad memories, imprinted by their parents or care-givers.
“Your job is not to erase these memories or heal them. You can’t.
“But you can help them make positive memories.”

Let us live our lives well every day so our children won’t have to pay for our lame excuses and side-shows.
Let us not forget we are but their keepers.
Let us at least help them make some great memories.

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